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Studies show that we learn, when content and methodology fit our needs and when progress is transparent. In order to learn deeply, emotions like fun and excitement must be integrated and sharable in a learner community.

Talky combines these aspects in a single application, enabling successful deep language learning for kids worldwide.

Learn Languages with Talky 

Talky is an innovative language learning application that enables kids to learn in a motivating way, while preparing them for official exams. 

In Talky, the learners immerse in a fictional world, where they advance levels with newly acquired languages skills. Talky uses Data Collection, Voice Recognition and AI to continuously improve gamer experiences and to personalize the learning process. Gamification, an appealing layout and entertaining learning and creative building games combined with a transparent study progress, instead of grammar sheets. A meaningfull learning content secures deep learning and keeps the motivation at constant high level, supported by a learner community and feedback through an integrated social network. 

Talky’s monolingual game can be adapted to other first languages. Starting with German for different age groups, the platform will be extended to other languages and humanity subjects.

Our clients

Single players and Classrooms: 

Clients all over the world can use Talky as a remote and personalized language learning tool. It is designed for a fully independent use. Parents can request regular performance and progress reports. Talky perfectly integrates as an afterschool class or stand-alone homeschooling tool. 

In classrooms, Talky allows personalized learning, thereby lowering student/teacher ratios and costs. Our teacher handbooks and teaching materials guide the learning process to facilitate language learning in presential classes, hybrid formats or fully remotely all over the world. Data collection of learning behavior trains Talky’s algorithms to guarantee high standards and constant personalized learning  progress.

The Team

We combined our long-standing experience in language teaching for kids with state-of-the-art programming and designer expertise. 

Claudia Heyn previously founded Alemanisimo, German language schools in Barcelona. She is an expert in language teaching for kids, applying her own validated teaching methodology. Together with her Talky team, she now strives to democratize language learning for kids all over the world.

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Claudia Heyn

Martí Quixal
Head of NLP

Deborah Wagner
Head of Edu. Content

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